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  1. TEA Party Coup Against American Hegemony

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    2013/10/17 by seanmiller12

    The concept of ‘the leading reserve currency’, the American Dollar as the unit in which petroleum is traded, was the …
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  2. Clarity Needed Here

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    2013/09/05 by seanmiller12

    Originally posted on Herne Speaks:
    The US/Syria debacle is a profound mixture of many, many shades of grey. The executive branch…

  3. What Would Death By Nerve Gas Be Like?

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    2013/09/01 by seanmiller12

    This is a brilliant and accurate description of weaponised anti-cholinesterase poisoning. It is the reality of Sarin poisoning. The world …
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  4. What are the concequences of military intervention in Syria?


    2013/08/29 by seanmiller12

    Originally posted on A Wonderful World:
    Following a chemical attack in Syria, US President Barack Obama has released a statement stating that…

  5. Red, Orange, or Yellow?

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    2013/08/02 by seanmiller12

    I love it! Here we go again! The United States has issued another of its travel alerts, after an alleged …
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  6. Rule of What Law?

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    2013/07/30 by seanmiller12

    Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio has blathered, for years, about something he calls, “Rule of Law”. His TEA Bagger supporters have …
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  7. The Arizona Spring

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    2012/07/10 by seanmiller12

    The Arizona Spring.