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Sean Patrick Miller is proud of his Scotch-Irish roots. He greatly admires Noam Chomsky for his brilliance, his steadfast resistance to immoral government encroachment on liberty, and the quality of his writings. Like Chomsky, Miller considers himself to be an anarchist. He believes it to be a travesty that the University of Phoenix Stadium, in Glendale, AZ is not named in memory of Pat Tillman. It should be. Though he lives in the Desert Southwest, the beat of the Bodhran stirs Sean’s soul, and the sound of the pipes makes him wild. Descended from Ulstermen, themselves descendents of Border Reavers, stubborn and full of fight, Sean refuses to back down to those who would usurp the power of the People, and he has no time for fools and ideologues, regardless of their  party affiliation. Like his grandfather before him, he spits in the eyes of his adversaries.


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