A Few Good Men or a Single Market

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2013/09/07 by seanmiller12

Brics are once again seen as the foundation of a stable economy. Brazil, Russia, India, and China are all emerging, and together represent a potential powerhouse against the failing finances of the United States. In spite of recent setbacks, blowback from the Bush years’ impact on the global economy, these nations’ GNPs are set to leap forward enough to, currently, catch the attention of many savvy investors. With Venezuela and South Africa, these nations also form a potential economic stumbling block for Obama’s intended invasion of Syria. The latter two nations have expressed their disapproval of Obama’s PNAC inspired dream, while among the former, Russia and China have already opposed Mr. Obama in the UN Security council. India shares thousands of years of mutual tradition with Syria. The BRIC nations, Venezuela, and South Africa are joined in opposition to Obama’s war by North Korea, Lebanon, Kurdish Iraq, and Iran. While none of these nations, individually, poses a significant threat to the United States, the exceptions being Russia and China, their combined powers, especially economically, do. It is past time for Uncle Sam to stop being the schoolyard bully. The rest of the kids on playground Earth are fed up, and will unite to put this bully in his place. While Americans needn’t fear a nuclear holocaust from the East, Venezuela is an OPEC member, as is Iran, and although the White House would be unaffected by another oil embargo, the People of America would suffer. One must remember, too, that the United States is not the only nuclear power, here. The list includes Russia, China, North Korea, and soon, Iran. Although Americans needn’t fear nuclear war immediately, the future might not be so very secure. In the late 1960s, American aerospace aficionados and geeks laughed about China’s nuclear program. “They don’t have a delivery system!” it was said. Chinese acquisition of the Bomb was moot. That was thinking confined to a very small box. An ICBM is not the only delivery system. Bipedal powered backpacks work, too. So do maritime shipping containers and airliners. Then, one must consider the economic might of South Africa’s numerous valuable natural resources. Money talks, and if money begins conversations among like minded nations opposing Obama’s ‘short term humanitarian interventions’ by tomahawk cruise missiles against Syria, people will listen. Just because Tom Brokaw’s Greatest Generation clawed its way into empire, out of the European ashes of World War II, does not mean America is the mightiest, unsinkable, holiest power on the face of the Earth. America is one nation among many, and it’s time America realized that. The many can defeat the one. It doesn’t take an ICBM. It only takes the committed will of a few partisans or a single stock market.



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