A Political and Media Maneuver

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2013/09/01 by seanmiller12

American President Barack Obama declared that action against Syria would be limited, ruling out a ground invasion. He has, furthermore, delayed a military response by the United States to the Syrian civil war, until Congress reconvenes on September ninth. Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad labeled Obama’s delay “a political and media maneuver.” Publicly, the White House has announced its expectation of an affirmative congressional reaction. Britain’s parliament already denied Prime Minister David Cameron authorization to wage war in Syria. This action could set a precedent across the pond. Congress may, or may not, approve Mr. Obama’s intentions. Hawks in the American congress, particularly Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, have called a limited response potentially ineffective and useless. The US House of Representatives, under Speaker John Boehner, has a tradition of never approving anything President Barack Obama desires. Mr. Mekdad may be quite correct.

Obama dares not go it alone, without congressional approval. While he is the commander in chief of US Armed Forces, and can follow the footsteps of President Theodore Roosevelt’s famous deployment of US Naval ships and personnel half way around the world, requiring Congress to supply funding to bring them back, Obama’s public support in the United States would dwindle to none, should his ‘limited strike’ fail. Polls demonstrate only four percent of Americans endorse a war with Syria. Already, grumblings and expectations of impeachment are circling over Obama’s gun control crusade and the Libyan disaster. His personal risk of internationally being declared a war criminal and, like Bush, being never able to leave the United States, again, without risk of arrest, casts doubt upon his readiness to act alone in this matter. Better to share the guilt: a better choice, both publicly and privately. Considering reactions of McCain and Graham and chronic inaction by the House, Obama and his minions are, no doubt, working overtime to win congressional support, prior to its reconvening.

US Secretary of State, John Kerry, declared the United States Government had proof that Sarin was used in Damascus last month, and that this evidence was obtained by American sources, independently from the UN investigation. Mr. Kerry stated on NBC’s Meet the Press, “In the last twenty four hours, we have learned through samples that were provided to the United States, that have now been tested by first responders in East Damascus, and hair samples and blood samples have tested positive for signatures of Sarin.” Considering American reliance on false intelligence, provided by known self serving operatives, for the Iraq invasion, Kerry’s “positive signatures of Sarin” must be viewed with skepticism. The US is afraid of inconclusive UN results, and performed their own, to support going to war. Iraq intelligence blatantly negated all reliable reports to the contrary, but skewed congressional and public opinion in favor of an invasion. An American study, independent of a UN investigation, with an American history of knee-jerk war mongering, is questionable, at the very least. Kerry’s support for the Iraq invasion and his acquiescent hawkishness must be recalled. Furthermore, merely because a cholinergic agent might be identified at the scene of destruction, this still does not establish who the perpetrator might have been. This is no smoking gun. This is merely assisting Obama in his efforts to gain congressional approval.

Kerry stated, “So, this case is building, and this case will build.” This is certain. The Obama administration will build a case for war with Syria. Although Obama declares this will only be a limited strike, considering Syria’s reaction to disregarding its sovereign boundaries, and its anger at the ‘collateral damage’ to an innocent civilian population which would come from any ‘limited’ US strike, McCain and Graham’s wishes for further US action would be inevitably brought to fruition. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said his country will defend itself against any western aggression. His government has announced the willingness of Syria’s allies to come to her aid. Potential targets of Syrian SCUD missiles in reaction to a US attack include Cyprus and US allies Turkey, Jordan, and Israel. A government unafraid to launch a chemical attack on its own people would lack any hesitation for so attacking another country. Saudi Arabia could well find itself lacking immunity, as well. A regional war, with its inherent massive destruction devastating the economy of the entire world and ruining or ending the lives of millions of people will result from this intended act of American hubris. Considering the multiple collateral targets within range of Syrian SCUDs, and that Syria’s allies include the very capable Russia and China, this scenario is dangerously possible.



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