Nothing But a Wall Street Shill


2013/08/29 by seanmiller12

The headline reads, “Obama vows to punish Assad regime for chemical weapons use.” Who are we, to ‘punish’ any sovereign nation, for anything they do? Is America to be seen as the parent of a disobedient child? Obama said, “I have no interest in any open-ended conflict in Syria, but we do have to make sure that when countries break international norms like chemical weapons that could threaten us, that they are held accountable.” First of all, is there any proof that the Assad regime deployed chemical weapons? Could it not have been the rebels, themselves, in a well calculated move, to make the Assad regime seem even more evil than it really is? Might it, also, not have been an assault from a third party, which would greatly profit from Assad’s demise? Provocative rhetoric like this, and that of David Cameron, proves nothing, but the desire of Washington and London to go to war. We do not know the facts, except that a chemical incident occurred. As George W, Bush, himself, said, “I don’t like facts, uh, they’re too factual.” Yes, facts, facts, we don’t need no stinkin’ facts!

If countries are to be held accountable for crimes against humanity, then America must be held accountable for contaminating Viet Nam with Agent Orange. America is responsible for devastating the cradle of civilisation in Mesopotamia. Untold numbers of valuable artifacts and remains of an ancient civilisation, the birthplace of Abraham and the inspiration for the Epic of Gilgamesh, were destroyed by the American invasion of Iraq. Artifacts which were held and cherished for millennia were evaporated from all existence, forever, by the tanks of an invading upstart nation, in the scheme of things. Will American tanks blow Petra away, this time; or, how about saturation bombing it, instead? After all, who needs a bunch of old buildings carved out of rock? They should have been done away with years ago; Jordan just needs some urban renewal. We could call this collateral damage. Perhaps this was the reason for Obama’s publicized visit; to scope out a target.

Once again, Obama has proven himself to be nothing more than a Wall Street shill. The words, “War is good for the economy. Invest a son!” resonate from the ill thought American misadventure in Indochina. Yes, war is good for the economy. Ask Raytheon, General Electric, McDonnell-Douglas, Colt, General Dynamics, Lockheed-Martin, Sperry, IBM, and the Carlyle Group. All of these major corporations have investors in Congress. This is the clear picture. Members of the executive and legislative branches of government in the United States, Britain, and France will reap untold profits from another war. They always do. War would be a brilliant distraction, too, for American citizens, causing the usual American social amnesia about Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. NSA snooping could proliferate, without interruption, and be justified. British citizens would be distracted, too, from their passion about land rights, fracking, and ancient, inherited holdings. Fracking, in fact, would be justified for providing fuel for the war effort. Halliburton profits would soar. It is certain that Cheney and Bush would approve.

Hope? Hope for what? Hope for further disenfranchisement and isolation, Mr. Obama? As Ann Coulter so intelligently put it, Middle Eastern oil is ours, anyway. We paid for the exploration, discovery, and manufacturing. This is the mentality of the one percent. Neo-colonialism is just another type of ‘Manifest Destiny’. The world is ours for the taking. Now, let’s go get it!



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