Social Amnesia

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2013/08/28 by seanmiller12

Notice how, with the ramping up of another US spreading of Democracy in the Middle East, the Snowden Affair and the case of Pvt. Bradley Manning are becoming mere media memories. They aren’t press worthy. They aren’t what’s happening. They’re old news. “Who reads yesterday’s papers?” Obviously, Americans don’t. Americans have the social memory of a gnat, and the masters know it. The names of Snowden and Manning, Greenwald and Poitras will be but a shadow in the American consciousness, as will their heroic efforts to spread the truth. That truth will be buried, and the military-industrialist-security complex will surreptitiously continue to erode American liberty, in the names of security and profit. “Sometimes a Great Notion”? Well, it seems that way. Most Americans are probably still unaware of these individuals’ heroism and sacrifice, and they will remain that way. They will remain that way, that is, if the one percent has anything to do with it, and if Americans continue to sink into their couches, glued to the television set. These persons have been the vanguard, and now, the People must pick up the banner.


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