Einsatzgruppen Iraq

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2013/08/21 by seanmiller12

So, Bradley Manning received thirty five years, for revealing America’s secret, seamy underbelly of diplomacy and war mongering. I am ever haunted by the attack upon unarmed civilians, by the Apache gunship, and the callousness of the crew, as they gunned down even a man and boy, who had attempted to render aid to the victims. So, it seems the patriotic act of truth telling is treason. Point taken.  Atrocities are permitted, if you are the victor. This is the real message of Nuremberg. The Nazis weren’t criminals, after all. They were merely following orders. An order is an order, and the Apache crew had orders. Of course, the sort of tweaked the scenario a bit, but they did, indeed, have orders. Any prison inmate will tell you that letters are better than numbers. Private Manning will be behind bars for a very long time.

What about the pilot and weapons officer on board the Apache? Their crime was exposed to the whole world, thanks to WikiLeaks. We are so very concerned about weapons of mass destruction. America destroyed a sovereign nation, erased an ancient culture, and brutalized an entire population, because of alleged weapons of mass destruction. In this case, especially, an Apache helicopter is seen as a weapon of mass destruction. What else can one call the devastation of a civilian neighborhood, and the resultant mass casualties, but a crime against humanity, a war crime? How is this any different than Babi Yar? It seems the United States Army would call this act, “heroism”, and would give the perpetrators medals. It only makes sense, in this topsy-turvy world of Newspeak, where peace is war and war is peace. Imprison the true patriot, and honor the war criminals! Der Fuehrer decorated Kurt Eberhard, Friedrich Jeckeln, and Otto Rasch for their creativity in Ukraine. It is incumbent upon America’s leaders to so decorate its own Sonderkommandos.



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