Another Drone Strike

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2013/08/08 by seanmiller12

The headline read, “New Drone Strike in Yemen Kills Six”. ‘Murica cannot learn. Washington is like a little kid, waving a red flag at a charging bull. The population of the world dwarfs the population of the United States. Yes, we have real weapons of mass destruction, unlike Saddam Hussein. The world has numbers. Power comes in all flavors. We have enormous military power. It’s true. The rest of the world has economic power, manufacturing power, social power, and natural recourses, to name but a few. The US doesn’t manufacture anything, anymore. We are becoming irrelevant. Islam is one of the fastest, if not the fastest, growing religions on the planet. Sympathies do not reside with the United States. They reside with the world’s fellow Muslims.

Washington has alerted the entire world about an imminent, possibly major terrorist attack by al Qaeda. Yemen is the focus, the assumed source of these attacks. The American House of Representatives has been apprised of Yemeni admiration for this country, prior to the last drone strike, which resulted in radicalizing the population against us, nothing more.

We killed six al Qaeda terrorists. Maybe. Maybe not. What we did kill, for certain, is six sons, six brothers, six uncles, six fathers, six friends, six neighbors, six fellow Muslims. We killed any chance of any sort of identity with the US, in the local people. Who cares? We should. Gunboat diplomacy failed in pre-communist China. It is failing, now. These six men had families. The families have friends in other countries. So do these friends. Word of US aggression spreads like wildfire. Does no one remember the title, The Ugly American? The tide is turning, and no huge arsenal of tactical weapons, no high tech military system, nor fanatical dedication of our troops will save us. The countries of South America have unified in decrying our meddling with the flight of a South American president. Diplomacy is suffering. Trade agreements have been cancelled. Our former enemy and our former puppets, alike, have offered sanctuary to our accused traitor. International opinion has shifted. No longer is the United States seen as Reagan’s ‘City on the Hill’. We only think we run the show. We don’t. ‘Murica needs to listen. Common sense dictates you don’t throw gasoline on a smouldering fire, to extinguish it. Deploying drones across international boundaries, denying local sovereignty, does not extinguish terrorism. It enhances it.



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