Red, Orange, or Yellow?

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2013/08/02 by seanmiller12

I love it! Here we go again! The United States has issued another of its travel alerts, after an alleged al Qa’ida threat. Let’s see, is our threat level at Red, Orange, or Yellow? Are we supposed to be afwaid; weally afwaid? Is Obama following Bush’s lead? That man was a marvel. He used to play the threat level game like a Central Texas Southern Baptist church organ, and the American people like a cheap violin. Any time the Bush Administration faced an embarrassment, America had a terrorist threat.

Pvt. Bradley Manning’s case is winding down. Manning is the 2013 Sean MacBride Peace Award winner, and has been nominated to join President Barack Obama as a Nobel Laureate, but, hey, let’s throw him in prison for the rest of his life, for speaking out against tyranny. Who cares what the rest of the world thinks? This is Amurica! Isn’t this the lesson we learned from Niemoeller; to speak up, before it’s too late? That is, after all, the rule we declared at the Nuremberg Trials. Claiming one was ‘only following orders’ is not a reasonable defense. Turning a blind eye to a witnessed crime, makes one an accomplice to that crime.

 Meanwhile, former CIA analyst Edward Snowden has been granted asylum by Russia, in spite of American threats and promises. The United States has no extradition treaty with Russia, and America insists Russia extradite. The United States has an extradition treaty with Bolivia, and with Italy. However, when Bolivia applied for extradition of a former president, Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada, for genocide, and Italy tried to extradite twenty three CIA operatives for kidnapping, the United States ignored those requests. Luis Posada is wanted by Venezuela and Cuba, for bombing a Cubana Airliner, in 1976. Seventy three people were murdered. The US is protecting him. It seems extradition only goes one way.

Snowden was another of those pesky young people who had the gall to speak up. Between these two events, both the American State Department and the Justice Department have egg smeared all over their faces. One of our traitorous spies is being granted peace prizes, and another is given asylum by Russia, of all places, to protect him from our torture and murderous practices! What happened to JFK’s inspired altruism and pride in doing the right thing? What happened to Dr. King’s Dream? Kennedy’s inspiration died with him on a street in Dallas, and Dr. King’s Dream turned into a nightmare.

Yes, we have a man of partial African ancestry in the White House. We have an African American as Attorney General. Adherents to the ideology of Nathan Bedford Forrest are not too pleased about that, either. Their race or ethnicity are moot points.  Dr. Martin Luther King would march against both of them. It is doubtful that Dr. King would think very highly of drone attacks, rendition, or torture. In fact, he would have despised such tyrannous practices. So, with our president and our attorney general, we have the superficial trappings of a society which has changed, since the days of ‘separate but equal’ and Jim Crow, but our society has not changed. The atrocities of Viet Nam, of Central, and South America are still with us in the geography of the Middle East and Central Asia. The players have changed, but the game remains the same.

Manning is a traitor. So is Snowden. They betrayed the bureaucratic code of silence, and so they must be punished, so as to not cause further embarrassment to the tools of the power elite. They must be made examples, so no one else would dare to do the same. Unfortunately, only the insulated politicos inside the beltway believe that; well, and a few of their sycophantic sheep. South America is no longer a continent of American puppet, military dictatorships, and South American countries refuse to follow along with Washington. A few European nations may well have been complicit in denying airspace to a certain South American president’s plane, in hopes of doing the Emperor’s bidding, and catching Snowden, but the Eurozone, as a whole, takes a dim view of torture and capital punishment. The same nations which agreed to assist in attempting Mr. Snowden’s apprehension strongly decried their being spied upon by the NSA. America may still hold some sway, in some places, but not much, and not for much longer. China has laughed at American hypocrisy.

Russia has granted Edward Snowden asylum. Bradley Manning has received the Sean MacBride Peace Award, and has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Unlike President Barack Obama, Manning did something for his nomination. Oh, that’s right! So did Obama. He wasn’t George W. Bush.

The world is behind these two brave souls. The world is not behind Washington. Perhaps that is the reason for the State Department Travel Alerts. The residents of the beltway are threatened. Be afwaid! Be bewy afwaid!



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