Viva Florida!

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2013/07/14 by seanmiller12

Well, justice has been served, with a side of disrespect for the Rule of Law and a dash of racism. A Black teenager is murdered in good ole Florida , a state with a long history of racial inequality and bigotry, a state, which would gladly bring back the days of Jim Crow, separate toilets and drinking fountains, and segregated schools. It is a state of privilege and poverty, where well healed whites go to retire, and where the Cuban heirs to Batista’s mafia connections, and crimes against humanity, continue to dole out anti-labor, pro-one percent propaganda, and vote against their own self interests. It is the home of the mouth of Limbaugh. It is a state, where Blacks can be assured of inequality. In keeping with this social pathology, Florida has the largest roaches on the continent. Typical of WASP hypocrisy, they are called Palmetto bugs.

Trayvon Martin was a typical teenager. He had the audacity to walk through a privileged neighborhood, because he didn’t realize he did not belong there. He even had a girlfriend, who lived there. What a horror! Typical teenager, he had the cheek to wear a hoodie in the rain. Of course, this should, very well indeed, appear suspicious to George Zimmerman, as he sat, in a darkened street, in his car, protected from the rain, waiting to jump suspicious looking pedestrians as they walked down the street, eating Skittles and wearing hoodies. Trayvon Martin had a lot of cheek. The audacity of his being in that neighborhood! If all of these factors didn’t sentence him to death, he was even Black. God ole Florida, home of racial inequality, privilege, unequal justice under law, and Palmetto bugs! It is a state where it is still OK for a white man to kill a Black teenager. When will Florida bring back legal lynchings? If a Black teenager is suspect for walking down the street and eating Skittles, and killed for it, then a Black man who looks at a White woman should be legal to lynch. Nathan Bedford Forrest must be smiling. His brother knights of the Ku Klux Klan are. Florida: what a good place to be from; far from!



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