“I Lost My Harmonica, Albert.”

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2013/07/06 by seanmiller12

President Barack Obama may, indeed, be a man of the people, after all. He might have intended to help Edward Snowden, with his seemingly clandestine efforts to catch him. In the blowback from NATO members denying air space to Evo Morales’ plane, and then its being searched in Vienna, Snowden has now received offers of asylum from Nicaragua, Bolivia, and Venezuela, but not Ecuador. They probably have enough to contend with, from the Assange affair. Maybe Thom Hartmann was correct. Maybe Barack Obama has been playing chess, while everybody else is playing checkers. Maybe Obama and his spooks are just typically inept.

Washington lacks a moral compass, and has lacked one, for a very long time. Americans are often bumbling idiots. Knowing Hitler was murdering Jews, the United States turned away transports carrying thousands of European Jewish refugees. Now, out of guilt for a history of cultural insensitivity, racism, and bigotry, America backs Israel to the hilt, irrespective of how immoral or illegal the Israeli cause. Still a racist nation, America has just changed targets, for now. Just for fun, the crew of an Apache gunship murdered several unarmed Iraqi civilians, including children, lying to their command centre, and then filmed the entire action. Duh? Washington is enraged, because Pvt. Bradley Manning exposed this. What, Me Lie? The politicos in DC shouldn’t give it a second thought. Really, they shouldn’t: situation normal, SNAFU.

Mi Lai was just another Apache gunship incident, the tip of an enormous iceberg, one of many atrocities committed by American troops in Viet Nam; the same as in this Middle Eastern misadventure, this Bush War. Viet Nam was just an expression of American hypocrisy, born out of the self righteousness of the Nuremberg trials. Why are Ilse Koch’s fabled lampshades and Auschwitz’s many ovens any different from Major Robert Rogers’ famed rangers collecting scalps from their victims, or the planned genocide of the US Cavalry against the indigenous nations?  This isn’t any different from collecting ears from gooks, or wiping out entire villages of suspected VC, is it? Tradition! Americans were involved in the British Army’s distribution of smallpox contaminated blankets to Native Americans, too. Then, we have Sherman’s glorious march to the sea. Sherman’s army cut a one hundred mile swath of devastation, diagonally, across the State of Georgia, to show Confederates that they better never try this again: a war crime committed by Americans, against Americans. A song was even composed to commemorate Sherman’s March: As We Go Marching Through Georgia. At least Yanks are non-discriminatory. The US Army will destroy and maim anything in its path, domestic or foreign.

The United States Government is skilled at hedging its bets, too. Europe was embroiled in a morbid, laboriously vicious war from 1914 to 1918. The United States delayed entry until 1917. We had it so rough! Hitler attacked Poland, in September, 1939. We sat this one out, too, until December, 1941. Oh, Pearl Harbour! What about the London Blitz? What about the occupation of France and the Low Countries? Norway? What about Poland, Russia? Let’s not forget Nanking, or the glorious concentration camps, utilised by every Axis nation.

Washington postures about finally being caught, redhandedly, with its pants down. Americans are the good guys, right? Americans never committed atrocities against the indigenous populations of North America. The US Army never decimated an American State. Americans were saints in Viet Nam, too, merely preventing the fall of any more dominoes. Americans always immediately rush to the aid of their allies, don’t they?

Speaking of the American Dream, the real American Dream; it’s time to wake up, and go to work.  The Statue of Liberty, re-dedicated by Ronnie Raygun, has just reopened, after considerable restoration. It’s time to restore America. Americans elected a person of colour for President. Sorry, but that’s not the answer to Dr. King’s dream. Dr. King passionately strove for an America which lived up to its declared ideals, an America, which would abandon its illegal, imperialistic wars, and denigration of its own people. North America has further distanced itself from Central America and South America. This isn’t 1588, and we needn’t repeat a conflict between English and Spanish. The Latino world has embraced an American, who had the huevos to stand up to Latin America’s  abusive big brother. They are following suit. Rather than blathering about the ideals of Martin Luther King, Barack Obama needs to embrace them. Oratory means nothing. If you are determined to talk the talk, then you’d better be prepared to walk the walk. America has a long history, going back to a time before its creation, of immoral violence against other nations, even against its own People. No Thom, the man isn’t playing chess. He’s just playing along. The alarm is going off. Time to wake up, America, look for your moral compass, and work on your international image. While you’re at it, look for your map. I think you’ve lost that, too.



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