Jump? How High?

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2013/07/03 by seanmiller12

It has been reported in international media, that Edward Snowden’s options for asylum have narrowed. Now, those prospects have broadened. BBC reports the plane of Evo Morales, President of Bolivia, was refused access to the airspace of Italy, Portugal, Spain, and France. Upon being grounded in Vienna, President Morales’ jet was searched, presumably for Edward Snowden. Morales’ jet was enroute from Moscow to Bolivia. President Morales has announced Bolivia will consider Mr. Snowden’s request for political asylum.

The alleged narrowing of options for asylum, translated from Newspeak, become bogus and shallow in daylight. International media would have it that the US security net is tightening on Mr. Snowden. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s recent affirmation that he would leave Moscow, enroute to his homeland, without the company of Mr. Snowden indicates he wished to escape a similar fate, as that of President Morales. The press would have it otherwise. His remark was twisted, by the media, to indicate Venezuela would throw Snowden under the bus. CBS News slanted Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa’s statement that Edward Snowden is “under the care of the Russian authorities”, as another denial of sanctuary.

This is hardly the case. Countries, to which Snowden has applied for sanctuary, have merely stated that his applications were pointless, without his being physically present in their countries, period. This is the common baseline. It is not unusual. No one seems to have denied Snowden asylum, but the American Corporate Media would purport this. Obviously, NATO would pose any difficulties for him, which it can conceive. Provocation against Evo Morales’ jet proves this. The puppets are merely dancing to Washington’s tune, as usual. Once, again, Obama’s remark about not scrambling jets for a mere hacker speaks volumes. He doesn’t need to. Other nations will do it for him. If Tony Blair were George W. Bush’s lapdog, it appears Barack Obama has an entire litter.

Russia has, so far, refused to cooperate with the US, proclaiming it has never extradited anyone, ever, and would not change this, now. President Putin even said that Snowden could remain in Russia, if he ceased his actions against the US, a condition which Snowden found unacceptable. China has laughed at the US, stating that it is swallowing its own medicine, at last. Edward Snowden has been effective in pushing The Ugly American out of the closet. Like the Emperor, The Ugly American has no clothes.

American interventionist colonialism, seen since the United States began its invasion of Viet Nam after France’s devastation at Dien Bien Phu in 1954, and its relentless international bullying of other sovereign nations, has finally erupted from the pustule in which it has smoldered for generations. Until the Carter Administration, America was quite comfortable to be in bed with the Somozas, but we continued covert actions in Nicaragua.  Reagan embraced the wanton murder of an entire indigenous, Central American population, in the name of “fighting Communism”. Though popularly elected, and the president of a sovereign state, Chile’s Salvadore Allende was assassinated due to US machinations, replaced with fascist, Pinochet. Likely, Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero was the victim of US covert actions, as well. Rome will eventually approve Romero’s sainthood. Already, he is seen as the unofficial patron saint of the Americas.

Che was tracked down and murdered, in Bolivia, by the CIA. For years, Venezuela suffered US denigrations and covert cloak and dagger actions, because its president had the courage to not bend over and cow tail to US demands. How many times has the US attempted to assassinate Fidel? The American track record in its own hemisphere is appalling. Monroe Doctrine be damned! American puppets will continue to do America’s bidding, for a time. It seems, however, that the days of the United States snapping its fingers, and other states jumping, are at ebb. Thank you, Edward Snowden.



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