What is good for the candidate is not necessarily good for the President

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2013/06/28 by seanmiller12

Lon Snowden, father of Edward Snowden, told NBC News his son may return if he is not detained before trial, nor subjected to a gag order and can choose where his trial is held. Mr. Snowden said his lawyer had written to US Attorney General Eric Holder to convey those terms. Well, fat chance of that. Should US authorities get their hands on Snowden, he will never see daylight, again. He would never be allowed to say a word to anyone, and as far as determining where his trial might be held, forget it! All of this is, considering he would not be immediately killed. Lon Snowden might not consider his son’s behaviour treasonous, but those in authority, and their minions, do. Candidate Obama stated that whistle blowers performed “acts of courage and patriotism” and “should be encouraged rather than stifled as they have been during the Bush administration.” Mr. Obama continued in his remarks on the subject, expressing his belief that government problems could not and would not be fixed, if no one ever spoke up.

President Obama does not seem to agree. Regarding another case of whistle blowing, this time, by a retired Marine Corps four star general, President Obama responded rather sternly, “My attitude has been zero tolerance for these kinds of leaks. These are criminal acts when they release information like this.” Once the number two man in the Joint Chiefs of Staff, James Cartwright is under investigation for leaking information on a covert computer virus called Stuxnet, the virus used in 2010 to temporarily disable 1,000 centrifuges used for enriching uranium by Iran’s nuclear facilities. Iran is a sovereign nation. No evidence has ever been found, that Iran intends to develop uranium for anything other than peaceful purposes, just as no evidence was ever found, to indicate Saddam Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction”. Even Israeli intelligence has indicated Iran’s lack of aggressive intent. However, the power brokers in Tel Aviv and Washington have other ideas. It is well known, that Israel has nuclear capabilities. It is also well known that Israel’s lobby is among the most powerful in Washington. What is not so well known is that Israeli nuclear product is marketed to other Middle Eastern purchasers to fuel their own peaceful nuclear programs. Should Iran achieve its goal of entering the international nuclear club, Israel would lose its ability to corner the market. Tel Aviv does not like this. The Washington Israeli lobby does not like this, and the Zionist puppets in the US government do not like it. Hence, the answer to why the US feels compelled to invade another country’s sovereignty with a computer virus. Follow the money.

So, we have Pvt. Bradley Manning, who released thousands of documents of US criminality to WikiLeaks, Edward Snowden, who released information of NSA corruption to the press, and now, retired USMC General James Cartwright, who has come forward about the United States interfering with another sovereign nation, merely because it could. To borrow a line from Jurassic Park, “No one ever stopped to consider if they should!” The ghosts of Nuremberg stalk the hallways, rattling their chains. Murdering unarmed civilians, from the cockpit of an Apache helicopter, is no less a war crime than bombing unarmed civilians from a Stuka. Just because the Gestapo and the STASI did it, doesn’t make universal surveillance OK. Disrupting Iranian nuclear facilities cannot be justified by America’s love affair with Israel. Barrack Obama has a moral responsibility to do the right thing. He must step back, from where he stands as President of the United States, and put on the shoes he wore, as candidate Obama, when he said whistle blowers performed “acts of courage and patriotism”. While quoting Obama, it would be unfair to not quote another famous figure, Lord Acton,Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”



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