It’s Been About A Year

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2013/06/19 by seanmiller12

It’s been about a year, since last I had much to say. Oh, I’ve said it, alright, but, mostly in the form of mumbling and grumbling about idiots and fools, privately; that is, talking to myself. Probably, this is because no one else will listen, or they might do me the courtesy of calling me an idiot or a fool. I have been called both, before. This is nothing new.

I remember a local, self-proclaimed, “activist”, angrily denouncing someone, who had the audacity to describe the United States as an emerging fascist police state. ‘Crypto-fascist’ is the commonly associated term. I wonder what his reaction would be, today, with a nationalised, militarised police system, deploying military grade weapons, a faction of which effectively declared martial law in Boston, looking for one suspect, and the recent declaration of a former NSA employee, about rampant snooping on the American People. Not to mention Bradley Manning, and what he revealed. He would, likely, react the same, furthering his denial. “Ignoramus sum, et ignoramus ero!”

Then we have a wee group of disgruntled Arizona politicos, calling themselves, “Working Democrats”, as opposed to non-working Democrats, I suppose. They think they have made a startling discovery about a huge discrepancy between what Randy’s Robots, also known as Citizens for a Better Arizona, filed with the Arizona Secretary of State, and the IRS. It seems, from the Working Class Dems’ discovery that Randy and company are trying to bilk the IRS out of a pile of tax money. What a shock! “Randy, a crook?!” That’s what they are implying.

Wait a minute! Isn’t this the state where Don Boles was turned into pink spray by Kemper Marley and his buddies? You remember, right out there, in the J. C. Penney parking lot, at Park Central, conveniently located right across the street from St. Joe’s, where Boles could be rapidly transported, only to expire an agonising week later. Then, there was the attempt on Governor Bruce Babbitt’s life, by the Arizona Patriots. They were really creative, and would have turned an entire stretch of rural Arizona highway to a collection of craters, had they been successful. At about the same time, these ever so tolerant, open minded, patriotic citizens tried to murder the Prescott Valley City Manager. One of his own police officers was tapped to carry out the deed. The city manager was the wrong color. He wasn’t white. Of course, each of these acts was virtually unreported, and has disappeared into the black hole of Arizona’s Social Alzheimer’s Disease.

Ah, yes, and then we have the case of our own, illustrious Attorney General, Tom Horne, caught with his pants down, almost, with his mistress, involved in a motor vehicle accident, witnessed by the very FBI agents, who were tailing him, and nothing happened; nothing!  This is Arizona. Not only do nefarious, often violent, and seemingly obtuse things happen here, nobody cares.

In the same spirit of eliminating the opposition, as seen in the Boles and Babbitt escapades, one of the leaders of the Working Democrats group, had his brake lines severed, in the recent past. They weren’t cut, altogether, merely sliced, to allow a gradual loss of brake fluid, until they were needed. The mechanic, who did the repair on the vehicle, was stunned. “No,” he said, to the near victim’s interrogatory, “this was no accident. This was deliberate. Someone cut those lines, and he knew what he was doing.” It is amazing, that the driver wasn’t killed. One might call this attempted murder. One might, but not in Arizona. With a history of Don Boles being bombed, Governor Bruce Babbitt’s and the Prescott Valley City Manager’s lives being attempted, a local Phoenix politico’s attempted assassination amounts to nothing. This is Arizona. Accidents do happen, here, after all. We can always bury them in the myriads of the abandoned mine shafts of the collective public unconsciousness. That’s the purpose of fair and balanced news.

The questions must be asked, “What do you hope to gain?” and “What are you prepared to lose?” OK, Cousin Randy is corrupt and his following is composed of a bunch of nut-cases. Randy is egotistical, arrogant, and denigrating. He is self centered, and he is milking the movement. CBA is a group of mindlessly devoted ignoramuses, who would do anything for him. We know this, already. Randy’s ‘protests’ are all meticulously choreographed street theater, lacking any semblance of spontaneity or sincerity. His, and CBA’s, behaviour are insulting to the intelligence of a retarded baboon. That makes him different from the other political leaders in Arizona? Randy’s act on the political stage resembles Elmer Gantry coercing crowds of believers for money. Resembles? No, he is Elmer Gantry. Randy may even be in bed with his alleged nemesis, Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio. Every time Randy squawks, his donors send him money, lots of money. Every time Randy squawks, Arpaio’s donors send him money, lots of money. Randy and Joe have, at least, a symbiotic relationship. Is there a problem with this? Remember, this is Arizona.

So, again, what do you hope to gain? What are you prepared to lose? Severed brake lines are only a beginning. This is Arizona. We have a very colorful, checkered past. Each of you, Working Democrats, has friends and families. They are softer targets than you, and you are marshmallows. You don’t like Randy and his Bots? So, what? They are, at least, amusing, with their ludicrous antics, and they have a great, long list of supporters, who will never believe you, so your hard work at ‘exposing him’ won’t matter. Not only that, the IRS doesn’t care. Read their published rules. Besides, Randy’s antics bring Joe Arpaio loads of donations, every time. The poor, embattled Sheriff needs those funds, so he can continue to defeat the lackluster losers the Arizona Democratic Party progressively throws at him. Your antics are, as the Bard said, “Much ado about nothing.” As Randy and his Bots march, like lemmings to the sea, on their path to irrelevance, you stand, and throw rocks at them, all the while missing. Nobody cares, not the People of Arizona, not the Secretary of State, not the IRS. All you are doing, is making yourselves, your families, and friends, targets of unhinged, fanatical CBA activists and hired thugs. One more thing: continuing to attack a group, so entrenched with the Arizona Democratic Party, only serves to further damage the already tarnished image of that Party, which is no big deal, really. The only issue, here, is damage to the Democrats might help the Rethuglicans. The poorly founded assumption that you are closet Rethuglicans might not be so far off the mark. You might as well be. You are doing their work. Furthermore, Arizona’s Secretary of State, with eyes on the governorship, would never make any waves against anyone. If he lacks the moral fortitude to not interfere with the prosecution of a perpetrator who anally rapes minors with a broom handle, in a boys’ camp, he lacks the moral fortitude to assist you.

Like the ignorant, self proclaimed, political activist, who argued to the point of jugular venous distention, with a man who did not share his Pleasantville-esque vision of Amurica, we have, in Arizona, a particular politician who needs to be educated in anatomy and physiology. Fancy that! Ignorance is endemic in Arizona. This politician would be US Representative Trent Franks, who holds to the stupid proposition that a female rape victim does not get pregnant. Representative Franks, in your district is a fine community college, where you could enroll as an undergraduate, assuming you have a high school diploma or GED. You could take the two semesters of anatomy and physiology, required of all pre-nursing students, and clear up your uninformed misconceptions about women, pregnancy, and rape. Tutoring is available, so don’t be afraid that you are too dumb to pass a community college class. You should do this. You might learn something. Then again, not.



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