A Democrat? ‘Fraid so.

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2013/06/19 by seanmiller12

So, let me get this straight. Our Democratic president, head of the Democratic Party, the Party which represents the worker, seeks to put NAFTA on steroids, in signing a “free” trade agreement, with the EU. Got it! He’s a Democrat, alright! The comment was made, that this is such a stellar idea because it will lower shoe prices and make foreign imports cheaper, especially quality European automobiles and trucks. It was acknowledged that this will not set well with Detroit. No, it won’t. The American automobile manufacturers are just getting back on their feet, and Obama wants to pull the rug out from beneath them. One must remember that Detroit’s workers are union workers. This is just another ploy of the 1% to destroy the unions, and Obama is spearheading the operation.

It is reminiscent of ObamaCare, the shoddy excuse for healthcare reform, which the American People got, when they wanted single payer healthcare. This is why Obama was elected: to take our healthcare system back from multinational corporations, and allow individual people to improve their lots. Was the debacle with Big Pharma addressed? No. In fact, we see an ever growing encroachment on the marginal legality of American citizens securing their much needed medications, in Canada. I realize. Patient safety is at issue, here. After all, Canada is a third world nation, with questionable sanitation.

Then, we have the issue of the “too big to fail” banks. Millions of Americans face foreclosure, because our economy is in the toilet, and rather than assist them with their crises, the Federal government bails out the banks. Does anyone remember who Obama’s biggest donor was, in his election and re-election? Wall Street. Gee, I wonder how Timothy Geithner got his cabinet position. Huh!

Hope. Closure of Guantanamo. Need I go there? It’s still open for business, isn’t it?

Yes, I certainly am thankful that Romney didn’t win. He would have continued giving money to Wall Street, never would have closed GITMO, would have seen to it that Americans would inherit his Massachusetts healthcare reform, the model for ObamaCare, and would, definitely have pursued more “free trade” agreements. His record on Second Amendment rights was deplorable, too. We can only be thankful that Romney isn’t our president. Or, is he?

True, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are winding down, and a few of the troops are leaving. Yep! All the more reason to start another war for oil! With all those troops leaving Iraq and Afghanistan, well, you have to put them some place, and they’re already acclimatised to a crappy climate. Syria won’t be that bad. We won’t call it a war. No, it’ll be a ‘police action’. That worked well in Korea, didn’t it?

NAFTA on steroids, crappy healthcare reform, Wall Street bailouts, Guantanamo ad infinitum, and endless war, and you say he’s playing chess, while everybody else is playing checkers? What are you smokin’, Thom?



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